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Hi there,
You see that slightly awkward blonde in the photo? That's me, Ia Ensterä.
I am what some might call a scenic designer...or a set designer...or a production designer...or a costume designer... or even a scenographer. However, I would consider myself more of an environmental designer and a connoisseur of anything and everything artistic.
Through the years, I have designed sets, costumes, props, puppets, storyboards, and illustrations for various productions in theatre, film, commercials, and music videos. My goal has always been to bring to each and every production an original visual interpretation that best serves the text and the vision of the director. I enjoy bringing a strong sense of mood, atmosphere and character to a piece, creating an immersive experience for the audience and a sense of occasion on either large or small scale productions.
I am also an experienced interior designer, creating innovative spaces for retailers, educators, and individuals. My experience is not solely in design, but also in the successful execution of the construction (I was the construction manager for a custom home builder for quite a few years)...but let's face it, folks like to bring me in for something different than the ordinary interior design. I am, after all, from the "carnie" side of life, and am not held to the same aesthetic norms as most.
Thank you for visiting this site. I look forward to hearing more about you and your project.
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