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Project: STRIKE: Martial Arts

Production: Breaking String Theatre

Location: Salvage Vanguard Theater, Austin, TX

Direction: Graham Schmidt

Text: Yury Klavdiev

Set: Ia Ensterä

Lighting: Steven Shirey

Costumes: Pam Fletcher-Friday

Sound: Blake Addyson

Photography: Will Hollis Snider

(Note: The set was in the first half the exterior for I Am The Machine Gunner, and then turned around to become interior for Martial Arts. Not on a revolve.)

"Ia Ensterä’s set for both of the plays is exceptional even by her high standards.  It appears as a looming collection of blank walls for I Am the Machine Gunner, and at the intermission the stage crew kicked loose the stops and revolved the whole enormous construction 180 degrees to reveal a multilevel interior.  The night I attended the show, the set drew applause as it began to do its thing.  Thereafter, aided and abetted by Klavdiev and the cast, the set gave us surprise after surprise, and no, you will not figure it all out after I have cued your anticipation here.  Here set was character, but one with enough subtlety not to upstage its human colleagues."

STRIKE: Martial Arts
STRIKE: Martial Arts
STRIKE: Martial Arts
STRIKE: Martial Arts
STRIKE: Martial Arts
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